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Afterschool Film Program

at Templeton Secondary School

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in collaboration with the East End Boys Club and Girls Group



The After School Film Program (ASFP) is a community based media production program for teens at Templeton Secondary School in east Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories, Canada. The program is directed by filmmaker and media arts teacher Corin Browne in collaboration with Templeton Secondary School Theatre Program's Tanya Zambrano. We are also proud collaborators of the East End Boys Club and Girls Group.  The program is open to Templeton students in grade 8-12.  Students register in an off timetable class, Film and TV 10/11/12 and receive 4 credits towards graduation. Most students also register in an on timetable Media Arts 9/10/11 or 12 class to broaden and strengthen their filmmaking skills.


We have a team of incredible mentors -  many of whom are Templeton graduates. Current and past mentors have included: Aidan Parker, Savannah Howard, Ronan-Nanning Watson, Arelan Barret, Sadie Couture, John Collins, Evan Crowe, Kai Nagata, Gabe Forsythe, Matt Kennedy, Levente Mahalik, Terrence Alanis, Colin Roberts, Caitlin Dodds, Lisa Pham, Chak Estable, Nathan Attridge, Dave Henderson Hean, Mellissa Johnston, Emma Djwa, Kaylayla McMath, Aidan Chin, Jack Fox and Quinn Collins.


The ASFP is an opportunity for students who are passionate about filmmaking to create films with mentorship from working industry professionals at all stages of the production process.  The ASFP is a commitment of up to 200 hours over the school year, outside of regular classes. We work in small groups to write, pitch, film and edit short digital films. By building this program around a series of after-school workshops and meetings, the idea is to establish a film production company-like quality to our work together. Typically, students participate in two full production cycles. The first cycle includes a five day production period where the groups are matched with an experienced film mentor to accompany them on their film shoots in the community. We take another field trip to Simon Fraser University to edit in one of the Faculty of Communication media labs. Every year, these films screen as part of Dream Big / Theatre Templeton's spring festival to an audience of up to 2000 people over two weeks. Often, our second production cycle is an outdoor education experience that blends camping and filmmaking at such locations as Saturna Island or Point Roberts, WA. The ASFP crew also organizes an early summer community screening to showcase all the work produced in the program and connect with ASFP Alumni (many who continue to mentor).


Since 2001, the films produced in the After School Film Program have consistently garnered awards in provincial and international film festivals.  Many of the students that participate in the Afterschool Film Program go on to collaborate in post-secondary film programs and careers in creative industries.

TASP is generously supported by:


Vancouver Film Studios

Pacific Backlot 

Motion Picture Production Industry Association

Vancouver School Board and

Templeton Secondary School

Frank Giustra

Aquilini Family

The Bosa Family 

Peter Leitch

Jim Prier and Shelley Mason

Check out the program behind the scenes on IG 

Take a look at Dream Big Productions - Templeton's Film Program and Home of the Afterschool Film Program

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